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Providing Legal medical cannabis delivery service to legal qualified medical cannabis patients in California who don’t have the means or desire to travel long distances to get their legal prescriptions for cannabis.

Here at | we have been delivering high quality medical marijuana to patients since 2011. Our focus is on quality over quantity and we deliver the highest quality cannabis flowers, oils , whole plant extracts, tinctures and edibles.

We are also interested in the many ways different herbs can help heal your body. Although the core of our service is medical marijuana delivery, we post many articles that lead you to information that will empower you! A yes! we also accept BITCOIN Order Marijuana Online what is Bitcoin you ask? click here

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Further, we provide accurate information about local Marijuana Doctors to help you get your medical marijuana recommendation.

Call now 925 270 4200

Robotic cannabis Delivery |

Marijuana Delivery Robot

Robotic cannabis delivery system is also something we are involved in. Basically, this process control application helps us deliver marijuana to our more than 900 medical cannabis patients. It is still in the trial stages and we have had a few setbacks involving the FAA. Rest assured, as soon as we are lawfully able to operate this technology, you will see our potbot in the sky’s near you.

Growing Medical Marijuana using our method.



Designed to take growing marijuana indoors to the next level. POTBOX is a way to grow medical marijuana in the least space possible. It also is the most efficient method and you can purchase the ongoing course. Learn how to use POTBOX. Build it yourself! We will take you step by step through the whole process. your extra medicine you produce can be donated back to us and we will reimburse you far your time and effort$ :)

Cannabis delivery areas include: Walnut Creek, Concord, Martinez, Pleasant Hill, Orinda, Crocket, Pittsburg, Pittsburgh, Antioch, California, Clayton, Clyde, Bay point, Alamo, Lafayette




 Dispensary Concord

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