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We take pride in providing the best services and satisfying our customer needs. We specialize in Smoke Shop, Smoke Shop, Medical Marijuana Delivery, Medical Cannabis Delivery, Medical Marijuana, Medical Cannabis, Marijuana Delivery, California Medical Marijuana Delivery, CA Medical marijuana delivery, Marijuana delivery service , cannabis delivery service and much more. We look forward to your business and serving you. Contact us today (925) 270-4200


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Fast, Safe, Medical Marijuana Delivered to your home our business in about and hour. Leaders in Medical Marijuana Delivery since 2011.






Medical Marijuana Delivery

Serving Contra Costa County Since 2011

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Medical Marijuana Delivery Areas include the following cities only...including Marijuana Delivery Concord, Walnut Creek, Pittsburg, Pleasant Hill, Lafayette, Clyde, Bay Point, Clayton, Alamo, Danville, San Ramon.


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Vist our brand new blog! You can post comments and reviews about our service and join the discussion on the legalization of cannabis. created oct 16 2013

Legalization of Cannabis.

The Legalization of Cannabis has been an ongoing and controversial issue. However, it can be defined in simple declarative language. The reason the "power structure" has such a problem with the legalization of cannabis is because, legalizing cannabis eliminates scarcity.

Thats my analysis. Whats yours? Join this discussion on our blog Legalization of Cannabis.

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images, news articles, history, videos, blogs,

The following are links to news articles dealing with the legalization of cannabis.....

Oct 4, 2012 – The city of Concord said a local pot grow in a residential neighborhood is completely legal, but neighbors have complained about it saying the article here...


Welcome to Doctor Recommended. If your wondering how you can get your medical marijuana delivery, you came to the right place. Here you can find a local Doctor and schedule a time to have your medical marijuana evaluation from a trusted medical marijuana Doctor. Find a Trusted Marijuana Doctors here! Most of all, you can then have your medical marijuana delivered to you.

Although our medical cannabis club does not have a physical location, we act just like a cannabis club. All you have to do is call 925 270 4200 OR 925 270 4200 for Medical Marijuana Delivery.

We are continually engaged in the never ending process of producing the highest quality Medical Marijuana. Weather your looking for indica, sativa or hybrid medical marijuana cannabis strains - becoming a member of our Medical Cannabis Club is your next step.

Marijuana Delivery times will vary, never more than an hour or so. Have your medical cannabis arrive immediately or schedule a time to have your weed dropped off.

You decide what you want in advance after viewing our menu for quick medical cannabis drop-off or schedule a medical marijuana delivery time.



Regarding your Medical Marijuana Card or as some people call it cannabis card. After you have had your medical marijuana evaluation, some Doctors issue cards and some do not. In order to become a member of Doctor Recommended, we need to verify your Medical Marijuana Card | cannabis card. This process takes about 5 minuets in most cases. After we have verified your status we can take your order and send your medical marijuana delivery on its way!

All Medical Marijuana Doctors have to be a licensed Medical Doctor in order for your recommendation to be valid. The best way to ensure your medical marijuana evaluation is done by a professional is to do your home work. Fortunately now a days thats easy. If you just go here you can find a doctor that will give you a medical marijuana evaluation. Or simply search on Google medical marijuana doctors and the city you want to see that Medical Marijuana Doctor- there are many Doctors to choose from.



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Serving Contra Costa County since -- 2011

Medical research on marijuana. How does marijuana affect the brain? What are some of the risks? Could ingredients in marijuana treat disease? Read this and ...

Medical marijuana delivery in concord California.



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