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Disclaimer: You must be 21+ years old -{OR}- be 18+ years old, and possess proof of California residency and a verifiable, written recommendation from a physician for medical cannabis in order to access our products and services.

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Online 24hrs a day!. We deliver cannabis in the east bay from 9 am till 10 pm seven days a week! ———— ORDER NOW

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Wide-range of cannabis products we provide, including: Cannabis, Pre-Rolls, Edibles, Concentrates, Tinctures, Pipes, Vaporizers, Topicals, and much, much more. Serving The East Bay is our specialty, but our passion is our members. 

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East Bay

  • We are a fully licensed delivery service in the East Bay California serving 4000+ qualified members since 2011.


TEXT 925 471 8449

High Quality Indoor Weed

Grown to perfection indoors!


Indica Sativa Hybrid


Temperature extraction. no chemicals. super pure.


Cannabis infused food and drinks!

Water Pipes / Pipes

Water pipes, pipes and smoking stuff

Clones / Seeds

Indica Sativa Hybrid


Indica, Sativa, Hybrid


Indica, Sativa, Hybrid

Weed delivery near me! That’s what we do. We are a weed delivery service! We bring you your weed! 🙂

In less than 90 min  sometimes much sooner, with the highest quality and since 2011 has more than 3700 local satisfied customers! ORDER NOW,

We provide the highest quality and super fast / best service weed delivery to our local customers. SINCE 2011 has set the standard for fast, safe and legally complaint medical marijuana delivery to qualified medical cannabis patients.


Its so easy! just call us Now at 1 800 420 5397 or Text 717 963 4436 Now! or Place your Weed Delivery order online NOW!  its easy. How to get weed delivered? Pick up your phone and text your order now! Or – place your order online now right here on our website. We have 100% money back guarantee. If you get something from us that is not up to your standards for whatever your reason, you can return for full refund or delivery credit.

Its pretty easy now a days to get your weed delivery. All you need is your medical cannabis recommendation and valid ID. If you don’t have a medical cannabis recommendation, we can help you! Just go to MARIJUANA DOCTORS ONLINE follow the steps and your done. Basically you just skype with a licensed medical doctor who will provide you with a medical cannabis recommendation in your email and a copy will be mailed to you.

Don’t worry you can use your recommendation in about 45 minuets to either order marijuana online from any service or go to any medical cannabis dispensary. Just print out your emailed recommendation and your valid ID. Your recommendation can be independently verified. This allows you to use your cannabis recommendation effortlessly all over California.



Valid ID and Medical Cannabis Recommendation (This requirement ends Jan1 2018)

How do you know what your ordering? Well, we take pictures of the exact product batch we have available. Plus we have a 100% money back guarantee. Does it make sense to even mess with sub standard medical cannabis when that is just not what people want. That’s right! You want high quality. You want it fast  The point is –we don’t mess around when it come to the quality of your weed. Or the fact your order will arrive in less than 90 min.

Give it a try order your weed online now!.




If you are located in any of these cities in states that have legalized weed then we can deliver your weed to you. Fast! and super high quality. Cannabis delivery near me, well that’s the same darn thing that we do as well.




Wow prop 64 Passed! now what? So the weed is FREE what does that even mean?


Find out about the marijuana stains we carry and place your order for fast marijuana delivery to arrive in less than 90 minuets! There are so many marijuana strains. Way to many to count and totally so many that are not completely desirable. Breeding cannabis strains is allot like breeding dogs or heck breeding anything! You take two fields of information merge them in the breeding process and you have off spring. You have cannabis strains!..Okay, thats the short of it. Basically there are only about 10 strains of cannabis that in my experience are what people desire

IINDICA | SATIVA | Og Kushalope | Gorilla Glue #4 |  Blue Dreram | Girl Scout Cookies |  Super Sour Diesel   | Cinex | Double Dream | Wedding Cake GSC


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