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15 New Varieties

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15 new varieties of organically grown cannabis available.

5 indoor top shelf varieties.

1. Fuc f****** incredible

Fucking Incredible

The Fucking Incredible strain originates from Canada’s Vancouver Island and this Indica dominant weed is a cross between two different Kush’s, one from Burma and the other from Afghanistan.


2. Sour Diesel


Sour Diesel, also known as Sour D, is a Sativa strain of cannabis. It is a cross between 91 Chemdawg and a super skunk/northern lights. The strain produces a fast acting, cerebral high. Sour Diesel is easily identified by its extremely pungent sour scent as well as its uplifting, mood enhancing effects.




3. Skywalker OG Kush

image (3)

As we know, the majority of OG strains have somewhat of a murky past. Skywalker OG is no different in this regard. but when grown organically, the true nature comes forth.


4. Double Dream

The sativa-dominant hybrid Double Dream puts a unique spin on the famed Blue Dream by crossing it with Dream Star. With a complex flavor profile that synchronizes sweet floral notes with berries and spice, Double Dream is a soothing and mentally invigorating strain that still allows clear-headed functionality. Its dreamy, euphoric buzz is anchored by a deep, physicalrelaxation that mutes pain, anxiety, stress, and inflammation. Patients also turn to this upliftingstrain for daytime release from PTSD, headaches, and nausea.

5. Shark Shock

Shark Shock’s origin is White Widow crossed with Skunk #1.  Has a fruity taste and carries intense stoney effects.  The plant will grow into a densely compacted white skunk with extreme aromas.

10 Fabulously grown greenhouse varieties organically grown.

6. Shasta Snow

7. Heart Attack OG

8. Afgoo

9. Purple Train Wreck

10. OG Train Wreck

11. A O.G.

12. Mikes Purple

13. Purple Pineapple Express

14. CATA Catatonia   HIGH CBD STRAIN

15. Mikes Green




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