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23 States in Revolt

23 States in Revolt

23 States in Revolt

23 states have just made an unbelievable move…

They’ve said NO to Obama.

They’ve said NO to his cronies in the FDA.

And they’ve said NO to Big Pharma.

Take a look at the shocking map that reveals this explosive rebellion:

us states in revolt


What are these states doing? They’re bringing to market a new drug called “Delta-9” — a natural painkiller.

One that could unleash a $120 billion flood of money on the markets, reports CNBC.

And according to a recent Forbes article, “[This move] will make investors extremely wealthy.”

But not all will win out…

You see, “Delta-9” can end pain effectively, safely, and naturally.

That’s why it’s a HUGE threat to the drug industry’s $635 billion pain market.

It’s also a huge threat to the FDA and EVEN the Obama administration — which relies on lobbying dollars from Big Pharma.

That’s why Obama is doing everything in his power to suppress this story.

And that’s why the drug companies are unleashing $27 billion to shut the media up.

But the floodgates are open…

The states are taking action…

And there’s no stopping it now.

Click here to see this incredible story.

Marijuana has Delta 9 in it


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