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$3000 to $12000 per month

$3000 to $12000 per month.

Grow exclusively for our Non-Profit.


  • Safe indoor location in contra costa county.
  • 2 hrs of work every day seven days a week.

For the right person and location, we will create a legal medical cannabis grow operation exclusively for the members of our non-profit. This person will be trained on how to build and operate production of cannabis on a continuous cycle.

The method we will use will be what I call, “the worlds most efficient method for growing cannabis indoors”. That basically means that who ever we choose to host our grow operation, they will have the opportunity to donate their time in exchange for monetary compensation. 3K – 12K per month…

The end result will be the highest quality and cleanest cannabis possible for our members.

Call Us to discuss the details…

1 800 420 5397

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