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Alien OG KUSH AND Gorilla Glue

Alien Girl Scout Cookies

Alien OG STRAIN KUSH AND Gorilla Glue

Now Alien OG KUSH is not a terrestrial Alien species, No this seed was smuggled from the planet Yoskinoskizo in the costelation holyz long way away from here just left of orions belt for those not familiar. Yes this little border jumper is a mix of Alien Pebbles, Og kush and gorilla Glue. All names stolen from Larry the guy who brought it back from planet Yoskinoskizo! Legend has it. Not much is known about Larry, but what be certain is that duct tape on Yoskinoskizo is usually called gorilla glue.. Wait  I just came up with another amazing name for weed!   Ducttape kush!   Wait till i tell Larry…ahh you heard it here first.

Are aliens calling to us?

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