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This is for delivery driver.

Driver usually make between $200 and $400 bucks in 12hr day shift.

MUST HAVE SUPERIOR communication skills.

MUST be friendly, personable and punctual. 

HAVE your own car and insurance.

Medical Cannabis Recommendation.

No Felonies.

Submit to FBI criminal background check.


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Fractality: What Makes a LIVE ENZYME- Alive? with Dan Winter

Fractality: What Makes a LIVE ENZYME- Alive? with Dan Winter

Rivers of electric conductivity is what shaman call dreaming lines. Magnetic lines attract water.

These magnetic lines of flux conductivity exist on the surface of our earth. There is so much more to learn…:)


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Seeking Cannabis Delivery Driver

Seeking – Personable – Friendly- Respectful and Courteous – Cannabis – Delivery – Driver

Please send resume to

The pay $14.75 per delivery and 54 cents per mile. plus tips.

Delivery phone is provided for communications and tracking.

Must have your own vehicle and insurance. Excellent driving record. NO Felonies. And have a current and valid medical cannabis recommendation.

We will run an FBI background check on ALL applicants.

12 hrs on call – 2 days a week to start.

8 to 18 deliveries per shift. $144.00 to $324.00 per shift.




Thank you