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Dark Energy, or Worse: Was Einstein Wrong?

In this National Science Foundation program, Sean Carroll, a senior research associate at the California Institute of Technology, sheds light into the “dark side” of the universe that may actually be the key to unlocking the mystery that is the universe. The type of matter we’re familiar with and encounter everyday – atoms and molecules – only makes up about 5 percent of the universe. The remaining 95 percent is believed to be dark matter and dark energy. Explore the history of dark energy and dark matter by following Einstein’s path to uncovering the theory that sparked a change in the world of astrophysics and the controversies behind that theory.

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Grow New Mitochondria with PQQ (BioPQQ). Scientists Discover the “Other CoQ10”


This is the most amazing thing. BIO PQQ and COQ taken together in the correct quantities….. Ok so I doubled up on theBio PQQ and COQ10…  What happened? Working out weight lifting in the morning and in the evening. Jogging 14 miles a day for the last 6 days. What is significant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! — is that my resting heart rate is going downV… This is significant because it seems impossible to sustain yet it is becoming obvious to me that I am going through midocdrial regeneration. How is that a 45 year old man can do a 1/2 marathon every day and workout twice a day and NOT get tired but get stronger?  This is some serious!!!!  stuff.. Eating correctly and adding bio pqqq.  ok this is what I am taking..

ginger root



6 eggs a day.

1 lb steak sirloin

coconut oil.

nancient iodine

gotu kola

bio copa

BCAA before during and after every workout…

Got up to 30 pull-ups before I broke my arm… Can currently only do 10.. only because the metal plate hurts…


So check out BIOPQQ and coQ10 together.. IT is AMAZING STUFFF…  ok im gonna do some wind sprints!!!

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Lithium Orotate improves your mood and your life


lithium orotate

The number one missing mineral for a brain is lithium and why is that is there not enough lithium in our food will clearly there’s not there used to be more efficient of everything why we still deficient lithium because it’s not in any or supplements out there cuz everybody thinks it’s a dangerous drug and it’s not lithium orotate is not as over the counter there’s no potential side effects of it perfectly good for you it’s good for your children it’s good for everybody it’s just that the powers that be saying these small doses it doesn’t work but I’m telling you my experience and giving us the thousands of people and every case it is health or completely work.
Who’s going to Market that who’s going to promote that there’s no money in this and there’s no side effects in this in you don’t need a doctor prescribe this this is a simple over-the-counter supplement you diagnose yourself you’re feeling stressed today this is your anti stress remedy and why why is it so important I never heard about why is nobody told me about because educational carbonate is toxic to the body and the dose is required to have an effect they have not been trained or taught.
There’s also important mineral you can get zinc orotate but most importantly why is lithium so missing because when we have blood sugar spikes when we eat junk food which is our diet is filled with his high blood sugar and our children will being born in the womb of the mother she has high blood sugar from the carbohydrates she’s hitting that little child is born with high blood sugar and blood sugar spikes and so forth when this is the case what’s happening is every time I blood sugar spiking we’re losing our minerals and particularly we’re losing our lithium lithium is so important so what happens if one of the stress we lose lithium this is your anti stress and more stress you use to make your brain work best and some children today which makes their brain work faster and when the brain works faster and then we come to this very important which allows the brain to make an adequate supply of Serotonin.
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Now Ive often wondered if star wars was real. Was it a planet far far away  or is the one we live on? Why is my blood warm? Is my body using magnesium in some cold fusion process? Can i live forever? How big is my AURA..THe seemingly trivial and fake science aspect of diving into actually reality is 10 times!!! stranger than fiction. However Dan Winters has discovered the PHYSICS of what a SOUL is and how that relates to DNA. Its quite amazing to know that the world we live in is soooooo much more amazing than could ever imagined. I would consider Dan Winter right up there with Airstole Newten Csaperinicus John LOke.. The freaking Greats MAn.. People ask me  Dave,, why dont you watch football or watch TV and talk about the GAME.. Honestly  sports bores me to tears.. I get more excited pondering the nature of reality with a couple bong rips.. Oh by the way we just made some awesome tinctures from the original GSC… carboxilizedperfectly soooooo freaking potetn..

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Dry herb vaporizers have existed for many years but have become increasingly popular due to the legal movement involving the medical marijuana industry. Herbal vaporizers function by heating up the dry material to the point where the active ingredients are released without burning the material. When any plant material is burned, something called combustion occurs and smoke is produced. Many people are now beginning to become aware that when combustion occurs, there are thousands of chemicals that are produced and then inhaled through your lungs. Many of these chemicals include cancerous carcinogens that can be harmful to you.

Benefits of Using Herbal Vaporizers


There are many different types of dry herbs but the two most popular one’s by far are marijuana and tobacco. Using a vaporizer for weed or tobacco as opposed to traditional smoking has multiple advantages including a clear benefit to your health. Every time you light up a joint, pipe, or bong you are directly burning the herbs and causing combustion to occur. As a result, you are inhaling toxic chemicals into your body every time you do this. This is the last thing you want to do be doing, especially if you are a medical marijuana patient that is going to be using the herb as part of a treatment for cancer. Using a dry herb vaporizer instead is going instead to release the active ingredients without burning it, preventing damage to your lungs.

One of the most overlooked benefits of using a dry herb vaporizer is that is going to actually help to conserve your material. There have been studies done that prove using traditional smoking methods will only give you 50-80% of THC while using a vape will produce over 90% of THC. This is obviously a huge difference and means that using a weed vaporizer will help to conserve your medical marijuana stash. Over time, this conservation will help to save you lots of money. It also helps to justify the cost of purchasing an herbal vaporizer as they can be very expensive.

Different Types Of Dry Herb Vaporizers


If you decide that using a vaporizer for dry herbs is the right choice for you, you’ll quickly find there are a few different types to choose from. The most common type is a portable vaporizer, which allows you bring your vape with you just about anywhere you go. Portable dry herb vaporizers come in all different shapes and sizes so you will have plenty of options to choose from including many that are incredibly discreet. If you plan on enjoying your herbs from at home, you should look into choosing a desktop vaporizer. These units are usually much larger in size and often more expensive. However, they are capable of producing better quality vapor and are generally built to last longer. The last type to consider is a dry herb vaporizer pen, usually the least expensive and the lowest quality. A vaporizer pen for dry herb is basically a portable vape that is shaped like a pen and resembles closely to an E-cigarette. It is important to note that these types of units often have a dry herb heating chamber that utilizes a heating coil in order to heat the herbs. Unfortunately this type of heating mechanism actually burns the material rather then vaping it. It is therefore very important that you spend time researching the device to make it functions as a true vaporizer before buying one.

There are few important things to know in regards to using a dry herb vaporizer. One of them is that they are going to produce vapor instead of smoke. While this may seem obvious, many people do not understand the difference. Marijuana vapor dissipates twice as quickly as smoke in addition to being to the smell being only half as strong. Since the vapor is much lighter, it’s not going to be as visible as smoke. It’s going to feel much different then toking from a traditional device such as a bong, especially for first time users. However, it’s important to realize it will be just as potent. You are also either going to need a weed grinder or to finely break up your herbs by hand before inserting them into the device. You cannot simply take a bud and drop it into the vaporizer or else it is going to become clogged and will not function properly.

The most common temperature to vape your dry herbs at is 375 degree Fahrenheit and many devices will have this setting installed. While some dry herb vapes are locked into one temperature, there are others that have multiple temperature settings or even full digital temperature control. The temperature that you decide to vape at is completely up to your personal preference. Running it at a lower setting will produce less vapor and have a purer taste while the higher settings will produce a more potent vapor but not as enjoyable of a taste.

Buying The Best Herbal Vaporizer


Now that you have a better grasp on the benefits of using a dry herb vaporizer as well as the different types, you may decide it is time for you to choose one. This can be a daunting task as there are literally hundreds of vaporizers to pick from in addition to new one’s being manufactured all the time. It is impossible to name one as the best dry herb vape because everyone is going to have different needs and preferences. However, we have put together a list of some of our highest rated ones that can be considered.

Arizer Air – Arizer is one of the most well known manufacturers in the business as they have been around for a long time and have a reputation for creating high-quality devices. The Air is their latest portable vaporizer and one of the top rated units on the market. It features an all glass vapor path in addition to five temperature options.

Atmos Jump – One of the first ever dry herb vaporizer pens invented to properly vaporizer dry herbs instead of burning them. This unit is extremely discreet and highly portable.

Da Buddha – This is high-quality desktop vaporizer that falls in the middle price category for these types of units. If you’re looking for a well constructed vape that is not going to break the bank, this is surely one to consider.

Easy Vape V2 – This herbal vaporizer is great option if you’re looking for a desktop unit that will function well but won’t break the bank.

Haze Vaporizer  V3 – One of the first hand-held vaporizers invented that functions as a true vaporizer for both dry herbs and wax concentrates. It features a dual bowl system allows you to vape your material both interchangeably and simultaneously.

Mighty Vaporizer – This is the Bentley of portable vaporizers. If you want the best dry herb vaporizer that money can buy, buy this one and don’t look back.

Pulsar APX Herbal Vaporizer – This is a perfect choice for those of you looking for a portable vaporizer for sale under $60. It functions as a true vaporizer while being very cheap compared to others in it’s category.

Volcano Vaporizer – One of the most famous desktop units on the market . The Volcano was introduced over ten years ago and still as popular as ever.