Certified Member Provider Policies

Members who have grown excess medication may exchange that excess to the collective and be reimbursed for their expenses. All prospective member providers will be required to attend a New Certified Member Provider Orientation. During this orientation, staff will review our provider policies and guidelines. Prospective member providers will be required to complete our “New Certified Member Provider Agreement” and “Certified Member Provider Questionnaire”. Each batch of medicine will be sampled and sent to our Lab partner for analysis.  Our aim is to cooperatively grow and exchange medication that is safe and predictable in its therapeutic benefits. We seek to provide our members with a wide-variety of strains and ingestion options. We will hold ongoing growing seminars to allow for input and guidance on growing higher quality medicine. We encourage organic growing practices and will not tolerate the use of pesticides. Due to the wide variety of strains available, and the differing effects on members, it is essential to provide the broadest selection of medication possible.