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Beginners guide to medical marijuana

A Beginner’s Guide to Medical Marijuana

Marijuana’s use for the recreational purposes is a well-known fact, but the governments and the natives have now started to know about the medical benefits associated with it. Nonetheless, more and more states are passing the laws to legalize the use, sale and growing the marijuana.

But it’s important to know how and when it should be used. It needs proper knowledge, the benefits that it has and the quantity that is to be taken. The dose of the marijuana primarily affects the way it would affect you.

The Medical Benefits of Marijuana

Marijuana is associated with many diseases as a sure shot cure. It is said to have the following health benefits:

  • Slows the cancer cell growth
  • Treats Glaucoma
  • Improves the epileptic seizures
  • Helps maintain body weight and even helps reduce body weight
  • Pain reliever
  • Assists with the Hepatitis C treatment
  • Treats Crohn’s disease
  • Helps in arthritis
  • Helps asthma patients
  • Anxiety reduction abilities
  • Reduces PTSD symptomology

The care should be taken to avoid getting addicted to marijuana for recreational uses. But that’s not a big issue in today’s times as any controlled substance would come up with such warnings. Just strengthen your will-power to heal oneself with it.

How does it Work?

The chemical structure of THC resembles the brain chemical anandamide, and this similarity in structure helps it to alter the regular brain communication. The THC thereby succeeds in affecting the areas of the brain that are related to the pleasure, memory, thinking, coordination, concentration and time perception.

The Marijuana also helps the natural chemicals to function better!

The Methods of Consumption

Smoking marijuana is what we usually hear, but there is much more to the consumption methods beyond smoking. Read along to know in a bit detail.

  1.   Smoking – The smoking immediately affects the body as it involves the direct inhalation. Cannabis leaves are dried and smoked through a pipe or are rolled into small cigarettes. It aids immediate relief from nausea.
  2.    Edibles – Using cannabis in edible foods is what the non-smokers do. The edibles are more accessible to consumers, but the dose is to be taken care of as the marijuana has to travel through the whole digestive system before showing its effects. One must take care of not getting overdose due to the time gap between the consumption and the outcomes.
  3.    Topical – The creams and lotions infused with the cannabis are called the topical. They work as great localized pain relievers. The topical when applied on skin gets absorbed instantly and thereby, starts to work almost immediately. The topical don’t travel to the brain and are not addictive.
  4.    Vaporizing – This consumption technique is entirely on trend these days. The vaporizing is identical to smoking, but it doesn’t need as high temperatures as smoking as the marijuana is not to be burned. Inhaling the vapors is easier on lungs as compared to smoking.
  5.    Tincture – Soaking the grass in an alcohol and water solution for a long time help in dissolving the active compounds to make the solution concentrated. This concentrated solution is termed the tincture, and it is usually consumed with a dropper to avoid high dose.

Indica Strains v/s Sativa Strains

The Indica strain is used to treat the chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia. It makes you sleepy and dizzy. On the other hand, the sativa strains are used as anti-depressants and energy providers due to their ability to uplift the mind high.

Also, there are hybrid strains that combine the benefits of both Indica and Sativa strains. These hybrid strains are further divided into Indica dominant, Sativa dominant and even strains that have properties as per their genetic making.

How to get Medical Marijuana

To legally get the marijuana, you may visit any recreational marijuana offline or online Canada dispensary if it’s consumption is legal in your state. A marijuana dispensary is filled with all kinds of pot, and you may choose as per the prescription or letting them know about the symptoms.

The marijuana registration card is to be made for it’ consumption, and it includes a month’s procedure to approve it as the Doctor comes to your place for verification.

If no dispensary is there in your locality, you may order online for the Medical Marijuana in Canada. Various online platforms provide the trustworthy marijuana with proper guidance of the type you need and the usage.

So, here’s what all you need to know before your first marijuana experience. Watch out which strain and the consumption procedure works the best for you!

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