Lithium Orotate improves your mood and your life

  lithium orotate The number one missing mineral for a brain is lithium and why is that is there not enough lithium in our food will clearly there’s not there used to be more efficient of everything why we still deficient lithium because it’s not in any or supplements out there cuz everybody thinks it’s […]


Now Ive often wondered if star wars was real. Was it a planet far far away  or is the one we live on? Why is my blood warm? Is my body using magnesium in some cold fusion process? Can i live forever? How big is my AURA..THe seemingly trivial and fake science aspect of diving […]

UAS Integrated Pilot Program

President Trump recently announced the new Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Integration Pilot Program to accelerate the integration of UAS into our nation’s busy airspace and to spur innovation. The UAS Integration Pilot Program will seek partnerships between state, local, and tribal government entities and private industry to gather operational and other data from advanced operational concepts, such as flights over […]

What is BITCOIN?

WHAT IS BITCOIN BITCOIN What is bitcoin. I began counterfeiting US currency when I was 10 years old. I was fascinated with things like money and if space is infinitely divisible. I was so upset the day my Dad handed me a pen filled with shredded money. It was Green! my favorite color but it […]

Michael Tellinger Remnants Of Ancient Anunnaki Technology

Michael Tellinger explains how scholars have long believed that the first civilization on Earth emerged in Sumer some 6,000 years ago. However, as Tellinger reveals, the Sumerians and Egyptians inherited their knowledge from an earlier civilization that lived at the southern tip of Africa and began with the arrival of the Anunnaki more than 200,000 […]