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Lithium Orotate improves your mood and your life


lithium orotate

The number one missing mineral for a brain is lithium and why is that is there not enough lithium in our food will clearly there’s not there used to be more efficient of everything why we still deficient lithium because it’s not in any or supplements out there cuz everybody thinks it’s a dangerous drug and it’s not lithium orotate is not as over the counter there’s no potential side effects of it perfectly good for you it’s good for your children it’s good for everybody it’s just that the powers that be saying these small doses it doesn’t work but I’m telling you my experience and giving us the thousands of people and every case it is health or completely work.
Who’s going to Market that who’s going to promote that there’s no money in this and there’s no side effects in this in you don’t need a doctor prescribe this this is a simple over-the-counter supplement you diagnose yourself you’re feeling stressed today this is your anti stress remedy and why why is it so important I never heard about why is nobody told me about because educational carbonate is toxic to the body and the dose is required to have an effect they have not been trained or taught.
There’s also important mineral you can get zinc orotate but most importantly why is lithium so missing because when we have blood sugar spikes when we eat junk food which is our diet is filled with his high blood sugar and our children will being born in the womb of the mother she has high blood sugar from the carbohydrates she’s hitting that little child is born with high blood sugar and blood sugar spikes and so forth when this is the case what’s happening is every time I blood sugar spiking we’re losing our minerals and particularly we’re losing our lithium lithium is so important so what happens if one of the stress we lose lithium this is your anti stress and more stress you use to make your brain work best and some children today which makes their brain work faster and when the brain works faster and then we come to this very important which allows the brain to make an adequate supply of Serotonin.
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Now Ive often wondered if star wars was real. Was it a planet far far away  or is the one we live on? Why is my blood warm? Is my body using magnesium in some cold fusion process? Can i live forever? How big is my AURA..THe seemingly trivial and fake science aspect of diving into actually reality is 10 times!!! stranger than fiction. However Dan Winters has discovered the PHYSICS of what a SOUL is and how that relates to DNA. Its quite amazing to know that the world we live in is soooooo much more amazing than could ever imagined. I would consider Dan Winter right up there with Airstole Newten Csaperinicus John LOke.. The freaking Greats MAn.. People ask me  Dave,, why dont you watch football or watch TV and talk about the GAME.. Honestly  sports bores me to tears.. I get more excited pondering the nature of reality with a couple bong rips.. Oh by the way we just made some awesome tinctures from the original GSC… carboxilizedperfectly soooooo freaking potetn..

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UAS Integrated Pilot Program

FAA Logo headerUAS IPP Banner

President Trump recently announced the new Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Integration Pilot Program to accelerate the integration of UAS into our nation’s busy airspace and to spur innovation.

The UAS Integration Pilot Program will seek partnerships between state, local, and tribal government entities and private industry to gather operational and other data from advanced operational concepts, such as flights over people and package delivery. It will also enable state, local, or tribal entities to determine what kind of pilot program activities, subject to FAA safety oversight, will occur in their respective jurisdictions.

The results will help to inform safe UAS operations and help to transition many of the new and novel operational concepts that we manage today by exception into routine, commonplace aspects of our everyday lives.

FAA UAS Webinar Information Ad

Details about applying, timelines, and requirements will soon be provided in a Federal Register notice and in a Screening Information Request (SIR). Links to both documents will be available at You may also subscribe to receive email updates from the FAA.

If you are interested in the UAS Integration Pilot Program, we encourage you to participate in one of the three upcoming webinars. Each webinar will provide you with an overview of the Program, application process, and the specific criteria and deadlines that you will be required to meet. Please register for one session only as they cover the same content.

The webinars will be held on the following times. Registration is required to attend.

Thank you for your interest in the UAS Drone Integration Pilot Program.

FAA UAS Integration Office

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What is BITCOIN?

Bitcoin is FREEDOM!Order Marijuana Online

Ask yourself this simple question and if you don’t know the answer honestly and truthfully in about three seconds, that’s your clue that you have been lied to most your life about the nature of Money.

Bitcoin is not only a real form of money, its also an IDEA that those that predicate their Dominion over you have systematically, steadfastly and with force of DEATH have engineered our societies in such a way so that the force and power of that! question would never be asked by you in a way that would lead you to the truth.

I could write a book on this subject but its NOT necessary. Once you see the contour of the prison built around you, YOU as a FREE thinking HUMAN being leaves that prison. YOU will LEAVE the prison when you get off your knees and NOT allow your IGNORANCE to rule your MIND. Ask this question again. What is Money!? Why is it the root of all evil and WHY THE F@$K don’t I know the damn answer..

THe answer is the same. Those that rule this planet ARE NOT INTERESTED in your ennoblement. THEY ARE INTERESTED IN your enslavement. That is why you dont immediately know the answer to the questions about the nature of money.

BUT YOU DESERVE THE ANSWER like YOU DESERVE TO BE LOVED. ITS TRUE! THERE comes a time when cAKE THE SUN RISE only if we sacrafice our childreen to MOLOCH or what ever embodiment of MIND control that seek to enslave the very mind of MAN

YEs BITCOIN is FREEDOM. BITCOIN is an IDEA whos TIME HAS COME… ANd you know WHAT,, FUCK BITCOIN,,, IT dosent even matter.. Understand one thing. FREEDOM dosent mean anthing if you dont understand it..  So UNDERSTAND IT..

The intrinisic value of Bitcoin is its crptography. It frees humanity because for the first time in ALL of history, the issueng power of money is returned to the people because, the total amount of money in cirrculation is thus KNOWN..


So what if we had a vote and NOBODY VOTED. WHAT IF WE HAD A TAX and NOBODY PAID IT… What if we had a WAR and NOBODY showed UP!!!


BITCOIN is freedom….



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The Anunnaki (also transcribed as Anunaki, Anunna, Ananaki, and other variations) are a group of deities that appear in the mythological traditions of the ancient Sumerians, Akkadians, Assyrians, and Babylonians.[1] Descriptions of how many Anunnaki there were and what role they fulfilled are inconsistent and often contradictory. In the earliest Sumerian writings about them, which come from the Post-Akkadian period, the Anunnaki are the most powerful deities in the pantheon, descendants of An, the god of the heavens, and their primary function is to decree the fates of humanity. In Inanna’s Descent into the Netherworld, the Anunnaki are portrayed as seven judges who sit before the throne of Ereshkigal in the Underworld. Later Akkadian texts, such as The Epic of Gilgamesh, follow this portrayal. During the Old Babylonian period, the Anunnaki were believed to be the chthonic deities of the Underworld, while the gods of the heavens were known as the Igigi. The ancient Hittites identified the Anunnaki as the oldest generation of gods, who had been overthrown and banished to the Underworld by the younger gods.

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Michael Tellinger Remnants Of Ancient Anunnaki Technology

Michael Tellinger explains how scholars have long believed that the first civilization on Earth emerged in Sumer some 6,000 years ago. However, as Tellinger reveals, the Sumerians and Egyptians inherited their knowledge from an earlier civilization that lived at the southern tip of Africa and began with the arrival of the Anunnaki more than 200,000 years ago. He identifies a xomplex discovered with sophisticated ruins in South Africa, complete with thousands of mines, as the city of Anunnaki leader Enki and explains their lost technologies that used the power of sound as a source of energy.

Tellinger shows how the extensive stone circle and road complexes are laid out according to the principles of sacred geometry and represent the remains of Tesla-like technology used to generate energy and carve immensely long tunnels straight into the Earth in search of gold–tunnels that still exist and whose origins had been a mystery until now

Do we create our own reality?