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Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond

Blue Dream X Diamond OG

Blue Diamond
Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond is a mostly indica strain bred by BioQueen genetics. Although its exact parentage is unknown, Blue Diamond descends from an indica-dominant hybrid and inherits a hashy, earthy aroma. It finishes flowering quickly, rewarding growers with yields of large, chunky buds after eight weeks.

Blue Diamond Is A Slightly Sativa-dominant Hybrid

The Diamond OGcut is a favorite of mine when it comes to phenotypes of OG Kush. Whenever I come across a strain with Diamond OG in its lineage I make a point to check it out and I’m rarely disappointed. It passes on a compact OG-like bud structure, but is often allows the qualities of whichever strain it is crossed with to flourish (Green Diamond for example). Much to my chagrin, the Blue Diamond Strain seemed to carry on this tradition.


The Blue Diamond strain was the result of crossing Diamond OG and Blue Dream. Both of its parents are nearly 50-50 hybrids but the Diamond OG phenotype tends to lean towards the Sativaend of the spectrum. That, combined with the Blue Diamond strain’s effects, leads me to believe that it is a slightly Sativa-dominant hybrid.

How Will The Blue Diamond Strain Affect Me?

It didn’t take long for me to decide which strain I wanted to donate for on my recent visit to VFL Collective in Burbank, CA. After about a minute of investigating the selection, one strain caught my eye – Blue Diamond. This was the most dense batch of cannabis that I’ve come across in recent memory and every single bud in the flower jar was completely covered in powdery white trichomes. Trying to break the flowers up by hand was sure to cause extremely sticky fingers – my thumb and forefinger seemed to be glued together at one point.

“Just two bags from the vaporizer seemed to eradicate any amount of stress and I was noticeably happier.”

After grinding a bit of the Blue Diamond strain I realized that the aroma was reminiscent of Blue Dream. It had a slight floral scent mixed with a hint of blueberry. The taste was another story altogether. When I loaded a bit of Blue Diamond into the Vapir Risewith the balloon attachment I was hit with a hash-like flavor that reminded me of roasted peanuts.

The effects from the Blue Diamond strain were cerebral and very close to that of Blue Dream. It seemed to simply improve my mood with a slight body buzz that helped my muscles relax. Just two bags from the vaporizer seemed to eradicate any amount of stress and I was noticeably happier. Blue Diamond is definitely a feel-good strain and I would expect it to be good for mood disorders like depression. Consider giving it a try if you come across a good batch and are in need of a pick me up.

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