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Blue Ice Weed


Blue Ice Weed

Blue Ice
Appearance: This stuff makes my teeth hurt just looking at it! Well, not really, but if your teeth are sensitive to ice, you’ll know what I mean when referring to these frosty buds. What would normally be red, the hairs are caked with enough crystals that they are a very light orange, adding to the overall hazy appearance of whitish blue. Break a bud open and you’ll really see some white.
Smell: Sweet, pungent, a little sour. Not nauseating though, like some strains tend to be. You know how a hot cup of coffee really hits the spot in the morning? Smelling J’s Blue Ice hits that spot in your nose!
Taste: Upfront: Sweet, smooth and fruity. Background: Almost like a purple, but not as obvious.
Effects: The effects of J’s Blue Ice become noticeably present after about five minutes, with more sensitive individuals being affected sooner. For the first few minutes, my thoughts begin to scatter and I soon realize it’s best not to try and catch them. After about 15 minutes I become more focused on writing. Music is more enjoyable. Around the half hour mark, I get fairly lazy.
Final thoughts: I see this as an all around strain, because the effects are mixed. I feel like I am in a hurry to go nowhere. Great strain if you’re looking for a strong burst of energy, which soon mellows out into an Indica high, while the Sativa qualities fade away. Energy is however on reserve, if you need it

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