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Our Cannabis Club is focused on delivering high quality cannabis to qualified medical cannabis patients in the San Francisco bay area.

We have been delivering our high quality Cannabis Club medicine since 2011. Our marijuana is lab tested and grown by growers with up to thirty years of cultivation experience.  Experience makes much of the difference. However, its not exactly how your medicine was grown but most important is the integrity and the experience of the farmer who grew your medicine. Lab testing can only measure a narrow band of potentials as it relates to quality of the final product. From our experience the best weed can only be grown by a farmer with the highest integrity and the best vibe. Farmers who LOVE what they do and who treat their work like an “art form” grow the best weed. Its the love, the desire for beauty and perfection that adds that special something to the cannabis in ways that lab testing just cant measure.

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Cannabis isolated from the influence of human emotions, expressing its innate intelligence.

A perfect example of this is our latest batch of Purple Bubba Kush   Alaskan Thunder Fuck grown by “Rocky the Farmer” who grows exclusively for our cannabis club. Rocky prepares his organic soil for up to a year and grows his “art work” in a controlled green house deep in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada Rocky mountains. Rocky takes every experience  like an art form. He has a delicate rough nature and sensitive tothe emotions of people, animals and plants. Rocky is part shaman, part farmer / hermit. What ever exactly it is that Rocky does, it is his integrity and commitment to quality that makes his cannabis some of the best in the world!

I have given this phenomena much thought. My conclusion, its the person who grew your cannabis club medicine is exactly who makes the difference!.

Scientifically, I believe its most probably the fact that water has memory in that, it is influenced by electromagnetic waves and that it can be affected by electromagnetic influences put out by the conductance of the HUMAN HART or any heart:). For examples tests on water and emotions done by MR. Masaru Emoto. His experiments seem to prove that there is a connection between our emotional state and the way in which our thought and emotions generated by the conductance of our Heart effect the geometry of H2o and necessarily the forms of life that exist all around us which are comprised of water. These life forms take up our emotions like sea water mimics a wave. The emotions pass through and give rise to the forms manifesting themselves in three d time space. Best to think good thoughts:)

This emotional state of the farmer, this integrity makes all the difference. Its that special something that makes the same genetic copy of a particular marijuana strain your looking for seem different even though its the same genetic copy. Yes. The integrity of the grower makes the difference. Its the LOVe man!!! All i know is I couldn’t be happier that Rocky grows exclusively for our cannabis club.

You can call us seven days a week from 9AM till 9PM. Members in good standing can get marijuana delivery after hours on Friday and Saturday from 9PM till 1AM. With over 900 Legal medical marijuana patients we must be doing something right!. We cant accept all vendors or growers for our menu because our focus in on quality over quantity. This is exactly why our menu rarely has more than 8 different strains at a time.

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