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So we finally found oil cartridges that dont fail. Failing cartridges have been a big problem. For some reason most people cant and dont finish the cartridge in one smoke session. Because of this the cannabis oil cartridges are left alone till the next use. This is where the problem comes in. The viscous nature of the cannabis oil changes is viscosity with temperature. The lower the temp the more sticky cooagulated stuck. Since we have a 100% money back guarantee we could not rationally carry oil pens because they failed to many times and it cost too much money to deliver them, actually a negative number when you add up all the cost. Therfore we have combined the cannabis oil pens into value packs so that you dont feel like your getting ripped off and paying too much when we have to charge 50 bucks a pen cartridges. So the solution. Get more and we drop the price super fast.  Example… 1 cannabis oil pen.. $50.00 — 3 cannabis pens 99.00 dollars.   6 cannabis pens $170.00.

Currently we have two kinds pre-loaded charged and ready to go cannabis oil pens called the “weekender”. The other one we carry is the  standard oil cartridges requiring the battery part only,. Again the weekender is the same price as the standard buy more pay less. These don’t fail (PLEASE) so we can deliver them and not worry about wasting our time on products that don’t work as intended.

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