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Since 2011 our mission is at cannahealth.com is to provide access to the highest quality cannabis with the best customer service in the shortest possible time.

We have been helping with the communications and logistics and quality control of  medical cannabis since 2011 and have acquired a sales distribution channel of more than 3700 loyal local customers.

I started cannahealth in 2011 to convey helpful information about cannabis and to drive patients to my websites to find doctors and help them locate cannabis for delivery or a dispensary for pick up. My motivating philosophy naturally evolved out of my distaste for Authoritarianism and the bondage that mental construct necessarily delivers to its participants. Yes! I wanted to point out some simple facts about why cannabis is not harmful and how it is that the government has NO business at all in a FREE DEMOCRATIC society dictating to me what I can and cannot take to heal my body. My GOD is it a test to determine weather I DESERVE FREEDOM? Well ill die trying:) Long story short, I put my freedom up for ransom hung my sign cannahealth and started directing people to information that would empower them.. That's pretty much it..
Free thinker / Inovator / Artist / Software / Engineer / Stoner
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6 thoughts on “About CANNAHEALTH

  1. Do you have a walk in location where I can shop first hand?

    1. Hi Richard for medical cannabis we are a delivery service only. We service patients in Contra Costa County California and surrounding cities.

      Just text your order or place your order online and we will get your order right out to you thank you

  2. Hi there! Is this service only for people with med cards, or is it 21+?

    1. Hi we operate as a medical cannabis delivery service. You must be 21 and over.

      1. So we don’t need a med card we jus need to be 21 ??

        1. Hi you don’t need a medical card anymore. Just 21 and over in California. Prop 64.

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