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  1. Placed an order for tomorrow morning. Need to change delivery address to Pittsburgh

    1. Hi, we only deliver in California currently,, We do deliver to pittsburg,,, pittsburg california..not pittsburgh Pa…

  2. hey i just placed an order and texted eta to the number displayed but still haven’t gotten a response?

    1. Hi. Yes its a problem with our firewall configuration. Your order isent notfying us correctly. Give me a moment ill figure this out and call you back..

  3. This is a very strong batch of afgoo.

  4. Can you deliver around 4:30 p.m. Today

  5. Thought there was a problem logging in but must have been on my end…please disregard note. Thanks!

  6. I love this service…

  7. When Deliverer is at the address can they text my cell and let me know there here (510) xxx-xxxx

    1. Of course. Will do – thanks!

  8. I am requesting the new batch of 1oz. shake expected tomorrow, December 2, 2016.

  9. Accepted. Please deliver after Noon. Thank you.

  10. dont order if closed

  11. I am interested in a delivery time before noon 1-6-2017. Please let me know the status of product quality and availability via text. Thank you.

  12. My first delivery, ever, and I am very pleased. All 10’s from me and will definitely use you whenever I have the chance.
    Fast friendly driver. Thank you.

  13. Love girl scout weed!

    1. almost there:)

  14. I love this community. Everyone should be smoking. What a wonderful world!! You guys hiring? My wife is a high priestess in your kind of industry. ??

  15. is my order on its way??? Nan A. Utter

    1. Hi almost their — wait –looks like it arrived just after 8 pm. Thank you

  16. The caption under the pic of space wrangler says it’ s on sale for $180. per oz . Is that still available ??

    1. Hi its ran out a few days ago we do have the sourd smalls indoor for 100 an oz excellent value really good smoke

  17. Hi I’m a new customer. Do I need to text you my card and certificate?

    1. Hi yes. Just take a picture of it and text it to the 717 963 4436 number or email it to we will verify your information and get your order right out to you. Takes less than 3 min to verify your information.

  18. Im thinking the mind is a plasma contorting field effect generator capable of changing localized gravitational condtions and therby changing the means by which the sum of the laws operate…stuff like that runs through my head– yesterday i was thinking it must somehow be possible to occupy space with in space and then what popes in my head is an X and then it morphs into the 3 dimensioonal space that exist between speheres of exact equal porportions… ya.. so that the kind of things that run through my head… daily hourly moment to moment time… rotational electrical pressure…i imagine:)

  19. I would like to order Girl Scout Cookie (an eight) for delivery tonight. I’ve texted my recommendation and ID minutes ago.

Hey!! what are you thinking... right now ! in this very moment of rotating electrical charge called--time..??

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