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Cant log in cant order? WTF??


WTF is right.. Well actually, we changed shopping carts again. In an attempt to make things easier, it made things more difficult. We were using ecwid and its fine but its limited in its functionality. So we switched back to the very complicated highly functional shopping cart that is harder to control but much better user experience.

Basically the plug ins that connected databases wasn’t working correctly. Plus anychanges we make / I make takes 48 hrs to  update servers.

We are always working on making your experience with cannahealth SAFE, FAST and SECURE.




If you have problems logging in, please call…

any questions please call 1 800 420 5397

ALSO—-> we are also out of stock of EVERYTHING till Sunday afternoon.. 🙁


Hey!! what are you thinking... right now ! in this very moment of rotating electrical charge called--time..??

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