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  1. Is LA Cheese Sativa?

    1. It is but. It ran out of stock.. we don’t know when that particular one will be back in stock

  2. hi, I ordered a cartridge a little while ago, and it won’t work. Is it possible to get a replacement? I still have the old one, so I can return it 🙂

    1. Hi of course. If you get any thing from us you are not satisfied with – you can return it. Also those cartridges have been failing more than 50% of the time. We will no longer be carrying those carts. However you have store credit or cash refund. which ever you perfer.

  3. Do you provided a VFW discount?

    1. We do.. 10% off for seniors and another 10% on top of the senior discount if you are a veteran:)

      1. Does the discount apply to specials for seniors and veterans

        1. Hi Yes Veterans and Seniors can apply discount on top of discounted cannabis.

  4. ORDER EASY — you can sign in SECURE with your social media to make ordering easy:)

  5. Do you deliver to ga

    1. Hi we only deliver medical cannabis in California.

  6. Can you only buy this stuff
    for a medical condition ??

    1. Hi in California you only have to be 21 and older. However some places are able to sell recreational and some are don’t yet have recreational license

  7. Hello, do you guys deliver seeds or clones? Or only flower and the other good stuff.

    1. Hi we don’t deliver clones or seeds, but may soon. Clones can be tricky. Best place for clones is harbor side in Oakland California

    2. Hi we don’t have clones. Would like to sell seeds.. especially the autoflower seeds.. give them light and warmth in any season. They flower great. We get our clones from harborside oakland

  8. When will you be getting more edibles? Specifically the cookies.

    1. Hi new edibles arrived fresh again today. Drinks and brownies and cereal bars. indica sativa and hybrid! cookies and gummies are not yet here… Ill check that right now

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