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Children shot down MARIJUANA DELIVERY DRONE and got high!

Children shot down MARIJUANA DELIVERY DRONE and got high!

Children shot down MARIJUANA DELIVERY DRONE and got high!

Parents worst fears came true last Saturday when the worlds worst and most dangerous gate way drug was

making its way autonomously and peacefully through they sky of northern California to a legal marijuana patient in walnut creek California. The patient had simply ordered his weed delivery via his cell phone app that he downloaded from

A couple of un-vaccinated math students were playing in a field near their elementary school in pleasant hill while working on a homemade scalar electromagnetic wave field generator when the incidence happened.

According to one the witness, the older boy looked down at his home made smoking pipe, muttered something to himself and pointed the tesla antena in the direction of the drone. The younger boy called out and said, its charged! moments latter the Marijuana delivery drone fell from the skys making almost no noise said a witness. The younger boy grabbed what appeared to be a bic lighter and the two boys ran off in the direction of the fallen marijuana delivery drone.running through a field

Their math teacher Valerie Mars was in her office grading papers and didn’t really think any thing of the sight until she saw the smoke and witnessed the young boys wandering aimlessly around the soccer field blowing out smoke and giggling to themselves. Steven and Joe  dont giggle Valerie said. They are very serious students. I knew something had to be terribly wrong she said, “so I ran out to the field to see my worst fears realized”. They had done it!.  she cried. I knew that article the boys wrote on US spy drones the Iranian military capabilities, scalar electromagnetic would poison their minds and cause them to wonder unsafely out the box from classical Newtonian physics concepts. I feel like its all my fault Valerie said. I was supposed to keep them focused and SAFE on real topics like 4 + 4 could = 9 and spying on their parents like the Stazi (secret police) in Germany had done is good because it is really a gooder idea for the moral fabric of our society because well,  I believe kids don’t belong to parents they belong to whole communities. After all guns are dangerous and really scary Valerie Said. She tells her students if their parents have guns in the home, tell me and ill tell the Principal and he will call the FBI and you’ll be safer.Tesla Coil

Founder of  David had this to say when he heard of the incident of children shooting down his drone with electromagnetic wave gun and then getting high.  “It wasn’t our drone they shot down. All our drones are accounted for. Plus, I shield all the electronics in my drones from electrical magnetic interferences. I know where every drone is on our network and as soon as one goes down, I drive  to its location to recovery it and secure its contents from children with bic lighters,,, Even if a thief or some sober genius physics students tried to disable the electronics of my drones, it would take them a couple hours to destroy my gps transmitter and its battery. In that time i would already know there was a problem and i can track my drones with in about three inches of their altitude and location at anytime.  And just for the record, NO DRONES are operated while high, however, bong loads were smoked during the programing process..:)Marijuana Delivery Service



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