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Democracy always turns into Fascism

What would two wolves and a sheep eat for dinner? Isent that the real question? or how about whether voting in a democracy when one has risen to a certain level of understanding, dose not voting then become immoral? And how many people because of the fluoride in the water and the mind control on tv have lost the plot and have already tuned out? I hope not many but I fear many have lost the plot and given up their freedom for security!. And yet I will still keep on making fun of the illusion passing before MY eyes in the form of the SATE masquerading a the CREATOR GOD!. Rasing its Obominations before us and demanding our worship like the helpless, hopeless, crying masses of people proving! their TRENDY love for the dearly departed dictator Kim Jung not so hung of North Korea. The state is NO GOD and we as a people: a free people? have yet to witness an Angel masquerading in the FORM of A MAN!

Back to the point. Democracy always turns into Fasism because of the Nature of  a Man a HUMAN a biological computer processing data in a conditioned way? . Always be sceptical in the face of “Legitimate POWER AUTHORITY” especially when the state claims its Monopoly on such.  It will truly end in lamb chops or more specifically, Democide, Yes the number one killer of man is not  Terrisom because more people are  killed by Wild Dear than terrorists!. Terrorists are simply a tool used by the cleptocratic technocrats rulling our planet because we in our timidity say nothing and allow WEAK ASS parasitc people to rule over us in hopes that they will have our best interest in mind.. LOL..Seriously…

Governments are like serial Killers.

Hey!! what are you thinking... right now ! in this very moment of rotating electrical charge called--time..??

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