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Dispensary Concord

Dispensary Concord
Dispensary Concord

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Looking for Dispensary in concord? You wont find one. The only thing allowed in contra costa county are delivery services.

Cannahealth acts just like a dispensary in concord California except we are mobile.

We get calls everyday from people looking for medical dispensary in concord. Most people want to know where we are located. Fortunately we can delivery your medicine to you. Unfortunately Dispensaries in Concord are banned for some unknown reason. That’s why you wont find a dispensary.

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Don’t worry we can help! We act just like a Dispensary with an ever changing variety of indica- sativa hybrids and edibles of all kinds.

We stick to the higher quality varieties that are very inexpensive when you purchase a 1/2 OZ or more.

So if you are looking for a medical dispensary Concord. You found the best mobile delivery service in the area.

Call us seven days a week 9AM to 9PM

CALL 800 420 5397

Check out our Medical Marijuana Menu


Hear at cannahealth we have been operating as a mobile medical dispensary since Dec 2011. We have more than 900 local satisfied medical cannabis patients. Our focus in on quality over quantity and the more you buy the cheaper it gets. We have tended to have the lowest prices around and always the best value on all the products we sell.

If you have any questions at all about our service please give us a call. We will be happy to answer all your questions. We will show just how easy and fast it is to get your medical marijuana delivered today.

Thanks for stopping by. And Remember, you wont find a Dispensary in Concord. The city counsel wont allow it.


Oh wait there was a dispensary in walnut creek and they had to shut down because the city kept fineing them like 500 bucks a day…

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