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Gerson Therapy

Gerson Therapy
Gearson Method
Nothing gets your attention better than a beautiful women with

I’ve go t some crazy Ideas!.

I don’t even believe in Death for starters and as far as space time being flat is concerned, well only if entropy exist. But that’s another post which would be dealing with this dense reality we inhabit here in our little third dimension.

NO! today, I will be talking about a healing modality that will and has upset  the precipice of power FEAR is so steadfastly perched,,. This equation will, save your life and I get to make no money selling it to you.. Lets begin!.


Here at we are interested in the many ways herbs and food can heal the body.  Hippocrates said, “let thy food by thy drug” or something similar so I have read. Nothing new under the sun, what has been will be again, civilization rise, civilizations fall – we have left highly advance civilization at the bottom of the ocean on our little planet EARTH..

Our Sun is simply a second generation star and life as Carl Sagon once said “Life is a byproduct of solar evolution.”

The earth must simply be to fragile a basket for the human race to have left all its eggs in as Victor Hugo once said. What im gonna tell you is nothing new. It has been said before, from generation to generation and herd by those who had ears to hear it.

What im going to share with you is the “TRUTH”; that which still remains for you to see and for you to hear these old words and take action for yourself because once you know, knowing is NOT enough. Once you know, you must take action!. And even when you do it will only make a difference for you and the ones you love.  Because what passes for wisdom and knowledge can not be so from Doctors of the establishment or of those to afraid to search out the causes of things. The truth will only be seen by those who have courage to brush away the dust of nonsense and fear. Now see the truth HIDDEN before eyes by those who make a living parasiting themselves off our your ignorance and fear,, Cast them off of you and look with your own eyes and don’t believe a damn thing I say, search out the truth for yourself. You will find this hidden treasure in the absence of your fear and for all your logic to see.. Bonvoyage!

What is this truth I speak of? it is a simple equation, I discovered on my own and found out that it was discovered long ago.

That equation that will save your life, your physical life at least is this, “PHYSICAL DEATH is simply the result of either, TOXICITY or DEFICIENCY”. Thats it…yep its that simple, im

However, from that understanding you can build a permanent foundation that will lead you to curing your body of all disease. The Gerson method is simply one outward manifestation of the for mentioned principle.

And this is what i want to share with you. A modality of healing that will lead you to the truth. That is all.

Check out the links i will be adding here.

Thanks for reading my latest post,, Bookmark or like or share this page and come back soon for more information that i will be assembling.



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