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Goji Berries Highest Vitamine C of any fruit.

Goji Berries Highest Vitamine C of any fruit.

Gorge yourself on Goji and smoke bong loads!! for you health:)

WARNING These statements have not been certified by the criminal illegitimate government dictating what it believes is good for you:) 

I have eaten everything. Every fruit every beery, pizza hamburgers. As a kid, i tasted everything. I pretty much know what ivey and grass and even eucalyptus tatse like.. As im sure many of you do as well. But it doesn’t stop there.. No no no..:) Of all the things I have ever eaten, Goji Berries are by far, MAGIC! Magic I tell you!!. Gift from the Gods! the ELOHIM just kidding  I have no evidence.. BUT I do know Goji Berries will change the QUALITY of your life!

I don’t sell Goji Berries have no dog in the fight…I just makes me feel good  to know the benefits you will experience if you eat Goji berries. No not the juice, not the powder, the raw berries themselves and the organic ones.. I wish for Everyone who cares about their health to know that if there is one thing you can do TODAY to improve your health immediately and dramatically, Gorge yourself on Goji Berries till you throw up!!!  and then you’ll know.:)

I do everything in extreme. And if i have learned anything, Thats how i learn, I take it to the ABSOLUTE limit!  Its how i role. To much of anything is not good, but you couldn’t tell me that. I went gung ho on juices after watching the Juice guy on tv. I just kept on juicing carrots, carrot after carrot after carrot after bags of carrots, Juiced everything, I was gonna be sooo healthy.. untill my skin glowed like the old young looking orange complexion of the juice Guy,  People were like Wow Dave your skin is glowing amazing! — then,, the head ach kicked in. I literally had a head ach for TWO WEEKS,, thats right Vitamin A POISING,,, so now i know how much is too much,,

So with regard to GoJI, I did something similar,, I didnt believe you shouldn’t eat only a couple handfuls a day, so you guessed it, I over did it,,!! Ten handfuls into GoJI berries and i began to vomit with an amazing force. My throat began to vibrate rhythmically uncontrollably until my body was taken over by the electrical system override effect of the vomiting response.. I sat there in AHH with the vomit of Goji all arounf me.. I thought MAn!!! this is some powerful SHIT!.. plus it makes my skin glow and tast hella good.. Sure i didnt invent the Goji Berrie. Im not qualified.. But I am qualified to say Goji brerres is some POWER!!

Anyways to avoid these powerful effect i recommenced not eating 200 grams at a time. They say 28 grams a day,, uhhh,, you be the judge…Ive also noticed doing bong loads of MARIJUANA prevents the vomiting response. I dont have that much data on it because, well i like to eat goji berries and not feel sick, so ya bong loads in general are good and well if you have some condition for which marijuana isent helpful, your probably not human:)

And here is some amazing informational videos about Goji Berries that will blow your mind!!! WOOOOO  GOJIIIIIIIIIII BEEERRIIEES WOOOOOOOO…and bong loads,, wooo!

Hey!! what are you thinking... right now ! in this very moment of rotating electrical charge called--time..??

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