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Cannabis Coconut Oil

How to make Cannabis Coconut oil.

Most people assume that making Cannabutter and Cannaoil is a hard and labor filled endeavor.  This is simply not true. Yes, it does require some time but there have been many products introduced to the market to cut down on time and clean up.

My favorite product to use is my Magic Butter Machine. The complete Magic Butter Machine kit is currently on for $174.95. .I love this machine because it is easy to use and the clean up on the equipment is fast and easy.

If Making an investment like this is not your style or you simply want something quick and easy, then all you need to do is ask yourself one question. Reclaim or Rosin? You can actually use either of these to make a quick Coconut Cannaoil in your oven in just 20 minutes.

If you use reclaim, then I strongly suggest you use it in a recipe with strong flavors because reclaim tastes very very very strongly of burnt cannabis. To cover a taste this strong, I use it in my steak and ale pie. The dark ale, mushrooms and herbs help to cover that distinctive burnt cannabis taste. BBQ sauce would be another strong flavor that would help cover the taste as well.

If you decide to use rosin, the flavor is much less burnt smoky cannabis flavor and more sweet buds fresh out of the bag flavor. This means that you smell and taste some of those distinctive pine and floral back notes that we have come to know and love.  You can use this oil infusion in just about anything but a always you will get a strong flavor of cannabis unless you decide to cover the flavor up with chocolate or healthy amounts of extracts like I do. Layer that flavor baby.


All you need to make coconut cannabis oil is a oven proof dish, some rosin or reclaim and some coconut oil. Bake at 250 degrees for 20 minutes. Mix to combine, then cool and use.

How to use cannabis coconut oil for cleaning.

Instead of using a food grade coconut oil just use your favorite coconut oil mouth rinse. I strongly recommend using a small amount of rosin if you decide to go this route. You can very easily over dose yourself. I can only recommend this to people who have been heavy cannabis smokers for years. Remember to always keep some CBD oil in the house to help bring you down if you dose yourself a little too hard. It won’t take you completely down but it will help bring down the intensity of the high. So as always proceed with caution.

How to make dosed edibles with cannabis coconut oil.

If a recipe uses either oil or butter, you can replace it with your cannabis coconut oil. Just remember to not go overboard. People can easily over dose their edibles and go from yummy to “oh my gawd, you put how much shit in this”! Sometimes less is actually more.

How to cook with cannabis coconut oil.

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