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I pushed the wrong button and our members may have gotten a text from cannahealth


Hi if you got a text yesterday it was me. (David) Cannahealth “JOT plugin”.  and “TWILO SMS” I was adding our customers probably you:) in a bulk import sync. Im not sure exactly but I think it has to do with amp settings mis config and strict transport security plugin//. Trust me.  these are just words —  but soon I will find out what the hell it means:) And let you know..


Fixing issue now


Sorry for the inconvenience.


On Thursday we should have new supply..   This little bud in my hand is a small bud of the indoor Gorilla Glue#4… Grown in effectively a labratory. Clean carbon filtered air – Reverse osmosis water – deep water culture – finest nutrients possible . Alrighty.  Thank you!!



Hey!! what are you thinking... right now ! in this very moment of rotating electrical charge called--time..??

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