Marijuana Delivery

Marijuana Delivery

Our process is fast, simple and secure.


You can always place your order over the phone, but the EASIEST and Fastest way — is to simply place your marijuana order online. This way, you will have a receipt! and you will be able to place your order 24hrs a day. Also, you can track your delivery when you sign up for PotBOT. More over, you can TEXT YOUR ORDER in as well. Our texting number is 717 963 4436. We are open 7 days a week for marijuana delivery from 9AM to 9PM. We stop taking new patient orders after 8 pm.


How to get your cannabis delivered?

Just call us and we will get your cannabis delivery on its way. Just decide what you want in advance and place your order. You can do this by calling on the phone. Ordering online. Or. Text your order in. Its that simple.

Things you need to have your medicine delivered

  • Photo government issued ID
  • Medical Cannabis Recommendation OR Card (current)

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