SInce 2011! Here at cannahealth.com, that’s what we do!. We offer Marijuana Delivery in Walnut Creek. We are focused on providing our members with value. To this end we provide the fastest, highest quality and lowest prices with the best customer service you will find. Place your order today. Call 800 420 5397

Its pretty simple now a days to get your medical marijuana delivery. All you need is your medical cannabis recommendation and valid government issued id. Thats it!. Just place your order online or text your order in over the phone. If this is your first delivery then once you place your order we will ask you to text or email an image of your ID and medical cannabis recommendation. We will immediately verify your information. About 2 min latter we will notify you of your ETA. WHen you are the next delivery you will be sent a text that allows you to view the location of the driver to ensure your smooth delivery. If its your first delivery then we just have to have you sign our intake form and mission statment. Thats it. Here is your medicine! we can deliver to you until your recommendation expires or the law changes:)

medicl marijuana delivered

Looking for Marijuana Dispensary call 1800 420 5397


Marijuana Delivery Service in Walnut Creek?




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