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Marijuana Delivery Services In Walnut Creek

Marijuana Delivery Services In Walnut Creek

 Marijuana Delivery Services In Walnut Creek

Marijuana Delivery Service in Walnut Creek
Jack Here is a work of art

Walnut Creek is such a beautiful city. Downtown is like Venice with out the floating boats. The night life is cool except for the cops watching drunk people leave the clubs and then writing them tickets or arresting them for drunk driving. Hey! Don’t drink and Drive, but with a crime rate as low as Walnut Creeks, you kind of feel sorry for the cops -they really have got nothing better to do.

Anyways, you know what Im talking about. Some of our best customers are cops who just need to blow out a little steam.. LOL.. Just kidding you know the department drug test….:)…

Well, our Marijuana Delivery Services In Walnut Creek has been operating in and around Walnut Creek without any hassle from the Cops. In fact they cant tell our drivers from anyone els. We are discrete fast and reasonably priced marijuana delivery service with some super high quality meds.

Call us anytime 7 days a week. 9AM – 9PM

Weather your looking for Sativa, hybrids, Indica, edibles, concentrates and fast high quality service, we can help. We have been servicing walnut creek since 2011 and we are in the area all the time. Most deliveries can occur with in 45 minuets to an hour. We can even deliver to where ever you are in walnut creek. All you have to have is your ID and Doctors recommendation or cannabis card. And yes! the Robots are comming soon. Its no Joke. It will happen. check out our new tech:) Thats right. Dropping the bomb, near a bong, near you:)  Peacefully:))


800 420 5397

Call us!

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