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Marijuana Delivery Services



Our Marijuana Delivery Services has been satisfying medical cannabis patients since 2011! In the past three years we’ve learned an awful lot about why our customers want quality over quantity, price and gimmicks. We provide our members with the highest quality medical cannabis at the lowest possible price because, that’s what you really want!. When you purchase more! you pay less! ALWAYS! Don’t let our low prices fool ya. Our focus is on quality and value and we are engaged in the never ending process of finding the best growers and the best varieties.. Our more than 1500 medical cannabis patients agree on why they have chosen us over our competitors, its because we literally delivery the highest quality medicine at the lowest possible prices Fast and with the best customer service / attitude, every time!  If it sucks, we don’t have it. This is a common reason why you will sometimes only find about four to ten varieties on our menu at one time. There is allot of weed out there, but not all of it is good enough quality and not every grower has the integrity or the knowledge it takes to produce the best of the best every harvest. It takes focus, determination LOVE and allot of experience to produce the kind of quality medicine that you want. Find out why! Call us Now or sign up online.. Its fast, easy and secure.


Who Deliveries Marijuana? Taking your order and getting your marijuana delivery on its way fast! From the moment your call comes in to the second you order online, we are on it! Have a question? get an answer. Schedule a time for your delivery or get it right away.

We are consistently meeting with vendors and new growers, testing products, packaging labelling and figuring out how we can improve our products so you our customer sticks around. We know you have choices and we want to be your choice.



 Delivery of Marijuana currently includes these cities in California, Walnut Creek, Concord, Antioch, Pittsburg, Bay Point, Martinez, Pleasant Hill, Pacheco, Clayton, Clyde, Crockett, Alamo, Layette, Ross More and more cities coming soon!!


There are two types of delivery. New Patient Delivery and Returning Patient Delivery. New Patient delivery begins when you call us at 800 420 5397 or when you sign up online. First we have to pr-verify your Marijuana Doctors Recommendation by collecting your information. Once we have pr-verified you have a valid Doctors Recommendation, we can then take your order and get your delivery on its way. On your first delivery, our Delivery Driver must physically verify your information. You simply show your valid ID and Cannabis Card or (written recommendation) to your driver. He or She then takes a copy of your documents with our android / I phone imaging application. You then have to sign our INTAKE FORM and MISSION statement. At that point you are now in our system and we can now deliver to YOU!

Returning patients can order online or call us to place your order 7 days a week. Returning patients simply have to show their driver their ID and we can not deliver your medicine after your recommendation is expired.

That’s pretty much it! We can deliver to your home, your business or any public place you may happen to be in our cannabis delivery area.



At least three Reasons..

#1 – Lowest prices,  Reliability,  Fastest Service and best customer service 7 days a week convenience

#2 – Our customers need clean medicine. All our medicine is lab tested or grown by Marijuana Growers  who have the highest level of integrity and experience.

#3 – All our Reviews are Excellent. Read our Bay Area Marijuana Delivery REVIEWS / Post your Review.



You can sign up for Delivery of Marijuana in two ways. Call us now at 800 420 5397 during normal business hours from 9am to 9pm 7 days a week Or sign up online 24/7. Its easy and takes only about three minuets.

When you sign up for delivery of marijuana we just need a few pieces of information. Name, Address, where you are having your marijuana delivery sent, Date of birth, Your Patient ID number, Expiration date of your recommendation and your Verification website URL. Your Patient ID and verification URL can always be found on your written recommendation or on your cannabis card.

That’s all there is to it! Call us NOW! or sign up online NOW!!


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