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When looking for a Marijuana Doctors, in California the doctor must be licensed in California for the recommendation to valid. A  Medical Doctor Licensed to do business in California is the only one who can create this document. This cannabis recommendation is simply a written declaration by your physician that the use of medical cannabis would be of benefit to you. That’s what it is specifically. I know.. So how do you get it?

Where to get medical cannabis recommendation.

THere are lots of places that can help you get this. However it must be from a marijuana doctor. Specifically a doctor who has recommended marijuana is called a marijuana doctor.

  1. Search medical marijuana doctors and book appointments online. Get your medical marijuana recommendation and ID card through our network of licensed professional …

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  3. Everything you want to know about medical cannabis, marijuana products, dispensaries, videos, deals and more.

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Marijuana Doctors CALL 800 420 5397
Marijuana Doctors


Medical Marijuana Doctor

Dr. Patel

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CNN‎ – Aug 2013

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