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Mikes Purple Weed

Mikes Purple Weed

Mikes Purple Weed


Marijuana that is purple. The purple comes from low temperature conditions and harvesting late in the flowering stage, when the red chloroplasts show over the dying green ones. The purple color is commonly and incorrectly believed to be a sign of high quality.

Mikes Purple
Yo theres purple weed, and theres purple haze. Purple weed is just weed that was moved to a colder place when it was budding so the leaves turn a purplish color, thats fuckin it, ITS JUST COLOR. Purple fuckin haze is a strain of weed nd its bomb shit, im not sayin its the best bud u can get but its pretty fuckin good. So dont be payin extra for that purp unless ur sure its that PURP!

Fuck man we just smoke a whole 8th of that purple weed nd i aint that high!

Holy shit! Im ripped outta my mind nd we only smoked a bowl of that haze.


Hey!! what are you thinking... right now ! in this very moment of rotating electrical charge called--time..??

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