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Newsom Plans to Consolidate California Cannabis

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Newsom Plans to Consolidate California Cannabis Authorities & Rein In Taxes 

This month, the California Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) issued a press release concerning a budget proposal released by Governor Gavin Newsom that could bring signfiicant change to the industry. 

In broad terms, it outlines a plan to combine all three California cannabis licensing agencies into one single Department of Cannabis Control by July 2021; to simplify tax collection by changing the point of collection for cannabis taxes; and to reduce the number and/or rates of state taxes on cannabis.

You might have a lot of questions about what sounds like a fairly dramatic shake-up in the California cannabis legal landscape. Not to worry, CREC is here to help!

Learn more about the BCC’s announcement in our in-depth look at the proposal by heading over to our consultancy blog. We’ll cover it’s plans and examine how this could affect businesses across the state.

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