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OG Kushalope

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OG Kushalope



Kushalope the  sativa-dominant hybrid smells just like Cantalope! and of course OG Kush.  It smells like a pine forest in a field of cantealope. OG Kush is a sweet melon pine super potent OG kushalope.  It produces a clear, creative focus of a sativa that eventually gives way to a more indica-like body buzz.

Kushalope is known to many patients as Chocolope Kush as it is often branded on the West Coast.  But we call it KLP or kushalope. This is because some strains can be tied in some way to the Cannabis Cup Winner Chocolope so many dispensaries use a name that is well known and out there.

Kushalope buds tend to be very dense and darker than average.  Plants are bushy with average flowering periods.

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