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PermaFrost Weed

PermaFrost Weed

Permafrost is a sativa-dominant hybrid named for its frosty coat of crystal trichomes and fresh pine aroma. While some believe Permafrost to be the love child of Trainwreck and White Widow, others claim it comes from Kali Mist and Trinity Snow. True to its hybrid genetics, Permafrost’s relaxing effects are balanced between mind and body. Larger doses demonstrate the strain’s potency: as sensory detail peaks,attention becomes transfixed, and a full-body calm takes over. For this reason, Permafrost may help patients treating ADD/ADHD and anxiety symptoms, and others have reported its success in treating arthritis, asthma, multiple sclerosis, and gastrointestinal disorders.


Overall rating(/10): 9.5/10PermaFrost

History: this strain has been circulating around the medical patients in my community… it’s a rarer strain in the pacific northwest that is well known on the street because it’s always extremely high quality, has a unique smell (kind of sharp and sweet) and appearance (dusky white, with dark green leaves streaked with purple), and is rumored to come through one of the players at a major barter fair (meaning it always comes the same time of year).  THC levels are as high as 21%

Strain: Permafrost – genetics are believed to be White Widow x Northern Lights

Odour: sharp and sweet

Potency: very high, 9-9.5/10, its a real creeper and downer.

THC levels: guessing 20%+

Yield: avg-above avg

FEMALE RATIO: 100% (clone)

PermFrost Growing
Permafrost growing



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