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The plasma intensity of bliss and how that triggers historical memory

The plasma intensity of bliss and how that triggers historical memory. The electrical nature of emotions changes DNA. The emotions our ancestors experienced are written in our memory like the surface geometry of any part of our body. Only the nessisary emotional experiences our ancestors HAD ARE communicated to YOU through death and back into life via a compression wave that stores information. That is not destroyed or even stored in solid matter. We are our ancestors. There is no Death. While looking at a rainbow to day i thought, where is the end of the rainbow?, then i thought where is the end of a circle because a rainbow is a circle then i thought the end of a rainbow is actually the center of it. Then i realized I am at the end of the rainbow because the center of perception like the non decaying aspect of gold is immutable eternal state. Infinite compression and perception at the center of awareness is infinity non divisibility the center of a black whole or perhaps a compression wave reaching all the back to the beginning of time? At the very center of your being is the surface boundary infinite space?…

Hey!! what are you thinking... right now ! in this very moment of rotating electrical charge called--time..??

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