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Attention Members.

We need one of our Members To provide a place where we can grow some of our SUPER ULTRA OUT OF CONTROL!! TOP SHELF..

We simply need a secure location indoors to produce our high quality medicine.

Please contact David at 800 420 5397 or to discuss the details.. The following image and facebook link is the actual design we will be working with. It takes minimal space and it is hyper efficient. Its not easy though. It requires a fair amount of work DAILY to get the highest quality results needed.

I will personally help guide you every step of the way. I love growing weed. I love everything about it. Im a total perfectionist when it comes to growing. I love growing as much as I love makeing music. It is so fun for me to grow.. Anyways.. I’m really excited to get started providing the best medicine in the world using my method that i have perfected over the years.. I know you will be blown away by what we are about to accomplish:)

If you can provide the right environment and vibe!. We will grow the best weed in the world!!!!:)

Call me!! You must be located in concord, Martinez Pleasant Hill Area:)  800 420 5397

You can check out more of my design at  this is a legal grow for members of our non profit association.


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