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bubba kush

Now ive been growing weed since 1996. Back then It was called Bubba. The kush ya who knows but back then there was allot of effort and attention to detail if you ever wanted to grow weed you had to sift through all the polarized confilicting information. The consequences were only things like being raded by the ATF or  your local police or even your local criminal who turns out likes weed and would rather steal yours because someone opened their mouth.. Ya so you let time tell and sort out who is who and do allot of praying  . Yes laddies and gentelman. The bar was high because the consequences for faliure were rather serve and even life ending.  Especially working with the people you had to work with if you wanted things to get done, you had to take some risks,,, lots of em,, life threating risks and you had to win. You had to know your enemy and you had to know yourself. Its the only way…These harsh conditions helped to shape the grower because it takes a special kind of person to operate a growing operation of large scale and complexity and keep it a total secret. FOR many many years.. The real reason I suppose is I had to, faliure is not an option for me…. Producing what people desired actually makes me feel good. Makes me feel like i have something of value to contribute. I want nothing for free. I want a chalange I want to know i dont want to be told I want to experince  and so that mental attitude guides my descion process and its always evloving.. THat why i loved the Bubba Kush it was very difficult to get right. What a pleasure when i did.. I felt like I won… I just want to better than i did the time before,, I want to improve it make it better what else can i do?   question like thses role through my mind continuelsy…. To know that they desire this over that and understand the reason why is for me even more exciting. I was made to grow weed.

I kept the Bubba Kush alive until 2006 when i freely gave it to the right person. Thats how it was done. The genetics were passed like a gift to those who deserved it. Or those who saved the plant from utter destruction. All these gay ass stories about weed their orgins  its true because you read it on leafly.. But seriously, I dont really care, knowing the difference is important especially when it comes to growing weed. You just cant lie to yourself and be anywhere near effective… It was given to me by Friend Tom who lets just say knew everyone who noboddy knew.. Lol.. I grew the Bubba Kush because it was the best. It also didnt produce

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