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Hillbilly Hash Tea

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Green Ticket’s edibles are all natural, made with no alcohol, butane or cannabutter. They use a cold-water infusion process that allows the taste of their products to come through rather than having to mask the taste of the strong cannabis flavor. Additionally – brace yourselves – the edibles are STRAIN SPECIFIC! Thankfully, there are some edible companies out there that see the need for strain specific products!

Each of their teas are packaged in a mason jar with a Green Ticket Bakery tag fixed to it with a piece of hemp. On each of the tags is the flavor of the tea, the THC content, the specific strain and strain type, dosage, instructions, dosage breakdown, and best by date. These guys really are professional and simplistic in their presentation. Their edibles range from 18mg – 648mg.

As I popped open the Strawberry-Lemon Hillbilly Hash Tea, made with NY Sour Diesel, I was enticed by a fragrant iced tea that tantalized my olfactory senses. When I took my first sip, I realized it was even better than it smelled. There is a slight taste of cannabis, but it is not overwhelming and is paired nicely with the flavor of the tea. The tea actually tasted for the most part like Strawberry Iced Tea – shocking, I know.

The teas contain 90mg THC and have five doses in each container. According to the tag, the tea is good for fatigue, pain and stress. If you are wondering if it actually works; it’s 2:15am and I feel peppy enough to finish this review even though it’s way past my bedtime, my back isn’t hurting while I hunch over my laptop, and I am relaxed even though we are on deadline to get this issue out – so it’s my educated guess that this product does – in fact work. I dare you to dispute these findings.

There are only 10 calories per fluid ounce. Therefore, the Hillbilly Hash Tea is bottled in 16-ounce mason jars, and they are only 160 calories per bottle and with 5 doses per jar that is only 32 calories and 18mg of THC per dose. However, this tea is really too good to only have one dose. I get about one-third through the jar and after 20 minutes I feel great. This tea would be great on a hot summer day or while looking for a boost when trying to be productive.

The Hillbilly Hash Tea by Green Ticket Bakery is not only delicious and refreshing, but makes for an incredibly effective medicine with an extremely quick onset. This company is absolutely doing ‘it’ the right way. It is not about getting ahead in the industry for them, it is really about helping the patient. Those are the kinds of companies Edibles List stands behind.

One point to remember – although I highly doubt this would be a problem for any of our readers – be sure to drink this product by their best by date as it will ferment. If we were basing their review off of the same scale as our edible vendor review website (EdiblesList.com) I would give them 4½ cookies.

If you check them out online at www.greenticketbakery.com, you will find that they also provide brownies, cakes, cookies and many more custom treats. These guys are masters in the kitchen and we urge our readers to go to their nearest dispensaries to pick up one (or five) of these teas as soon as they can!