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WHAT REALLY IS THE MATRIX – the movie you didn´t see

WHAT REALLY IS THE MATRIX – the movie you didn´t see


I would first like to say that i believe we will throw off the shackles of our enslavement when we exercise our Inalienable rights. Forcefully, peacefully and justly. That world begins today but technically that world begins on

Feb 15 2015

That world is cryptography. Freedom; privacy; cryptography synonymous with “Renaissance”. Yes cryptography is freedom.

That which we fear we will find it. On the road you travel to escape your fate, you find it! Not the droids yo iz looking for:)


I believe the real Renaissance starts with cryptography. In this ever increasing technological age, privacy must evolve or freedom be destroyed. Imagine a Cryptographic currency that could be issued by the people. A REAL RENAISSANCE.

That concept when fully understood will profoundly change and shape the future of society

on this planet.

What does this have to do with Marijuana Delivery?


Written by:

John T Draper “Captain Crunch”

“This a message from one of the technology members behind thundercloud.

We have designed and successfully created an amazing security product, and we are very excited to share more details with the general public! We are still in stealth mode, currently conducting real world testing with small companies in non disclosed cities. Evaluating results, refining and making tweaks to accommodate a much larger audience very soon, we are focusing on a public launch on the Fourth of July 2015 – Internet Independence Day.

Starting this summer you will be able to use Thunder Cloud in the comfort of your own home or business, with any existing software, operating system, or device. We have created our own cryptographic language that is completely independent of any existing security technology. Our strength is built within our proprietary design of the public and private cryptographic keys. These use a one billion bit key that rotates randomly every 5 seconds. These keys are controlled entirely by the user; no information is ever stored. The size of our standard encryption key is in excess of a 1TB data block, however this is also a key factor of what makes our technology so exciting, since it is transmitted in the space of 200KB and will confirm to any existing method of data storage or communication without any overhead. Most security keys range from 128 bit to 4096 bit, these are easily transmitted and are fairly small. Since these keys are so small, cracking security keys of this size is fairly easy with enough computational power. Existing security and cryptographic technology that is in use is no longer safe, in recent events even RSA crypto was discovered to have backdoors. Our system is designed from the ground up to be impossible to breach or forcibly decode. Using every super computer in the world in tandem, it is estimated that the process would take over 30 million years for 5 seconds worth of transmitted or stored information to be deciphered.

Our website will officially soft launch February 13th 2015, at this time there will be a sign up page available. We will be inviting users to sign up for our closed public beta. Invitations will be limited to 1,000 users – so first come first serve. Mark it on your calendar, this is a date you don’t want to miss!”

Which leads me to this video. Is the world we live in holographic? and is it like a computer? is there a limit of indivisibility?





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