Return Policy

new-growthReturn policy

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase you can return the remaining amount for 100% refund. Only if +90% remains.



Cartridges can only be returned if defective

If you consume more than that, you will be refunded in proportion to the amount NOT consumed.

We do this to insure the quality of our products. If there is something wrong with our cannabis, we want to know – so we can improve.

However, We are not a weed sampling service. Our Return Policy is to ensure the quality of our products.

ABUSE of our return policy will result in termination of your membership.

(example. you buy an oz from us and you consume 75% of it. You call to say “I would like to return the 25% and exchange it for something else. ie bring me a 1/4 of something else and ill return this 1/4 i didn’t finish – because i hated it so much -THIS IS ABUSE OF OUR RETURN POLICY. If you get through 75% of our weed and now you want to return it for something else, — again we are not a weed sampling service.

(example. Returning 1/2 of your order and expect a 100% refund is abuse of our return policy).