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Run From the Cure – The Rick Simpson Story

Run From the Cure – The Rick Simpson Story

Run From the Cure – The Rick Simpson Story


Fuck Cancer. Don’t be afraid! Death is simply the misapplication of intelligence because well, knowledge defines what a resource is:). If you feel like it, go save your own life:)

Sure I sound crazy. But what is more crazy?  A medical model that makes money off of your ignorance? A system that has to stifle your mind and suppress your intellect through chemicals so that it can rule you? a prison system based on profit?  My God will it ever end? How EVIL GOD created A plant that eliminates scarcity.? Now that’s an Idea whose time has come!

Marijuana is such a Beautiful plant.. Shame on all those who suppress it out of their shear ignorance.. Look at this beautiful plant, can you not see its beauty resonating at 528 KHZ in the full green spectrum of LOVE?  How wonderful it is to know that even when we approach the majestic of pure knowledge, its limitless wonderment, that even in that pure JOY that the gift that we now perceive is only but a fraction of the gifts and the knowledge yet to be laid at our feat when we travel down this road. When we stop Running from the cure.

We have such a beautiful choice to make. I want to watch us all travel out into the cosmos. I want our children to travel on star ships together and explore the galaxies and behold the wonderment yet to be seen by our species! I want this stupid war on drugs to vanish like mist a dawn! I want to smoke a bong load, yet I live in a state where marijuana is illegal…

Watch these video:)





For those patients serious about making enough high quality hemp oil to treat their conditions, we can get you the medicine in the amount that you need and at a price that wont freak you out:)

Hey!! what are you thinking... right now ! in this very moment of rotating electrical charge called--time..??

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