24K Weed

24K WEED Now it is safe to say that when it runs out fast, its well received. More like, caught on fire and consumed! But don’t do that with gold unless your talking the monoatomic form of gold. No this is rare pure and intense smoke with tons of flavor.  Since this nug of 24K […]


I thought a little about this name. After smoking way too much. Scuuring back and forth to the source pile of wonderfully potent hint of some kind of pink cake comes to mind!! Yet delicate and precise. super dense and grown on the edge of organic fire perfection of the soil. This little organically grown […]

Purple AK47

This slightly indica-dominant hybrid knocks out the pain.! A potent cross of Granddaddy Purple and AK-47, Purple AK-47  gives you that relaxing, I’m so tingly now:) Mind so sharp – energy, making this a balanced hybrid. AK-47 heritage, gives this strain is a fast-act ” OMG I’m high now.” It has a very pungent and […]