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Top Shelf Indoor cannabis now available

Top Shelf Indoor cannabis now available

Top Shelf Indoor cannabis now available.

new weed
new weed

Girl SCOUT Cookies

Tangerine Dream

Grapefruit kush

Omega pdx

Blue Dream


Sour Diesel

It really cant be said enough, Nature loads the gun and the environment pulls the trigger. Simply, epigenetics is the modification of gene expression rather than alteration of the genetic code itself.. The genetic characteristics of the cannabis variety you really like is dependent mostly upon, who grew your cannabis. Or the person physically modifying gene expression by the way the way they grow your medicine.

Sure — the type of plant is important but I would rather smoke cannabis I don’t like that has been grown perfectly than one I DO like that wasn’t grown that well. You gain this understanding from growing cannabis yourself. You realize it takes years upon years to fully master the plant. The main reason who grows your weed matters is really a physiological issue, a state of mind / focus thing that your grower better have. Anyone can follow a recipe or directions once or twice but NOT everyone can do this everyday consistently with out fail perfectly for months and months on end. Yes growing the best weed ever is mostly a function of attention to detail everyday to a high degree. Its like Aristotle said, ” Excellence is a habit you are what you repeatedly do” —excellence is a habit.

Our new varieties of cannabis are grown by none other than Habitual Master Grower with over 30 years experience.. Try and find a nug that is not perfect.:)


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