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Wax or Bud

Wax or Bud

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Wax or Bud

Which is healthier, Wax or Bud? Is it healthier to smoke wax or is it healthier to smoke bud, That’s what allot of people want to know.

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The simple answer is, it depends on the source of your medicine. There are benefits to both, but not if what you are smoking is not clean. That’s the simple answer.

Wax or Bud

Toxicity leads to imbalance, leads to disease. That paradigm governs all the choices that we make that result in what we put in our bodies. Wax has some great benefits like, higher dosage, consistent result evry-time and the ability to ingest it with out smoking it. However, it can be very harmful if it is not prepared correctly.

Much of the wax out there is made from butane. If done incorrectly, the butane will leave a Nero toxin in the wax. This is actually highly addictive and it also kills brain cells. I can tell who is smoking wax with butane in it, they seem a little slower, there speech is impaired and they are just a little bit duller than they used to be. Its tragic. I always tell them, butane is bad. Not good. They keep on looking for wax, they think they need it, they want it, got to have more of it, but its not helping them. Its addictive and it is dis-empowering. All that wax made from butane that could benefit you is actually posing you. Sure you get high, but you are killing your brain and becoming dependent.

Do not use WAX made with butane. The safest way to max it is with HEXANE or 99% alcohol or (Isopropyl). The wax that results from theses methods is not filled with nero toxins and therefore is not addictive. Yes, Nero toxins are addictive. MSG is an example of an addictive Nero toxin. In fact all Nero toxins are addictive. Strange ain’t  it? Cannabis is not addictive because, its not a Neurotoxin.

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Maybe you purge the wax correctly with butane. This requires allot of attention to detail which if the person doing this is smoking any wax made from butane, his or her attention span might not be up to par– and even when done “correctly” maybe 1% of the Nero toxins still exist?  that is still to much. Its not good for your health. That’s why our marijuana delivery service doesn’t  carry any wax made with butane. Its just not “HEALTHY” maybe someone can explain why it is healthy?


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