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Governments are trying to persuade us that unless every transaction is monitored and every individual is identified, then the world will fall into utter destruction. That is a LIE. We have had anonymous commerce for thousands of years. The idea of all commerce needing to be under surveillance is in itself a historical Anomaly – a fascist dream and it has ALREADY Failed!!!. We have accepted bitcoin since 2011. Incidentally the first BITCOIN ATM in contra costa county was  to be installed in our retail store back in 2011. At that time we didn’t have a physical retail location –  so the first bitcoin ATM ever in contra costa county CALIFORNIA is placed at USA gas station on contra costa blvd right across the street from IN and OUT BURGER. 

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oh look another video Depicts reality – gets flagged.. you cant see it now but you cant stop an idea now its time! has come:)