With so many states legalizing weed – many people are wondering – where is the WEED NEAR ME? Here in California Jan 1st 2018 is the beginning of CANNABIS Legalization!. What will happen? Yes! there are lots of questions which will still need to be sorted out as time unfolds. The question for you! still remains. Where is the weed near me and how do I get weed delivered?



WEED NEAR ME – Recreational Dispensaries in States that legalized weed:

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Dark Energy, or Worse: Was Einstein Wrong?

In this National Science Foundation program, Sean Carroll, a senior research associate at the California Institute of Technology, sheds light into the “dark side” of the universe that may actually be the key to unlocking the mystery that is the universe. The type of matter we’re familiar with and encounter everyday – atoms and molecules – only makes up about 5 percent of the universe. The remaining 95 percent is believed to be dark matter and dark energy. Explore the history of dark energy and dark matter by following Einstein’s path to uncovering the theory that sparked a change in the world of astrophysics and the controversies behind that theory.

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  • Rated 2 out of 5

    SMALLZ ($150.00 $100.00)
    reviewed by Paul

    Ive ordered the "Smalls" a couple times, but its been more trim and stem than small nugs. I dono.....

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    Gummies ($10.00 $5.00)
    reviewed by cannahealth.com admin

    You can't just eat one but if you eat 3... stop...too much:)

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