What is bitcoin. I began counterfeiting US currency when I was 10 years old. I was fascinated with things like money and if space is infinitely divisible. I was so upset the day my Dad handed me a pen filled with shredded money. It was Green! my favorite color but it was destroyed and I couldn’t put it back together. I wanted value! I wanted to gain value I wanted to understand what it is that makes people get up in the morning leave their families come back home and go to sleep just to do it all over again?. Yeah it was shredded money in that pen- it  value unattainable. That same year our school library got a black and white printer. My grandmother had a old school typewriter with red and green ribbon. I immediately knew what to do. I kept my lunch money covered up the numbers on the dollar and photocopied it. The next time I was over at my grandmother’s I ran downstairs with my money and typed out some numbers in green. Then I lightly colored the whole thing with green pencil light green pencil. It actually came out really good.  Well when my dad found out – mind you – being an ex-green beret;Korean War army veteran; adviser in Vietnam . And lastly working for the Department of Justice. Nope he was not! cool at all with me counterfeiting money. And this was in the day when your parents could whip your ass  with a belt!!  Rarely did our father use violence just one look was enough. Man I thought I was going to get my ass beat. Next thing I knew my Dad took  me down to Dean Witter to talk to stock brokers about investing and to answer my questions about money. Long story.. Anyways, i was after my Dad died our family had even less money. That was  when I got really  good at making counterfeit one dollar bills to buy stuff..  Tragically I should never have tried spending at the school cafeteria. Apparently they didn’t think it was real neither did  the principal. Later that day I got a call from the Secret Service. I promised never to counterfeit again and I never did and never have since.  Untill!!!!

So I’ve been thinking about money for a long time. And it’s kind of how I discovered Bitcoin when it was $0.30 a Bitcoin. it was 2008 I was just divorced from my first wife who left me for another man while she was pregnant..   We separated and I found myself living in a warehouse in the worst part of Oakland. But the rent was cheap and I had an internet connection. At that time I was finishing a project  and a patent application I filled with the USPTO called computer-controlled light refraction.  Also lightreractor. / Botlight.  It was a technology I developed that changed the position of incoming charged particles off of a flat or curved reflective surface and hold that energy beam constant at varying lengths and distances over time as the sun moved across the sky.  I didn’t have the kind of security clearance  or mental attitude needed to work on this type of Technology because apparently I was asking questions you’re not supposed to ask.  I was seeking investment capital when i got a mysterious email from someone calling himself Posidion..I was seeking venture capatile at the time and he was the one who basically explained to me that NO ONE can invest in my technology because computer controlled light refrction empowers people by being capable of producing millions of watts of electrical energy for almost nothing..  He knew I was HONESTLY niave and he showed me all the othere inventions that delt with the concept of overunity…Turns out other people have discovered what i figured out and all got supressed and the ones that kept being stupid  and nieve about the nature of those who rule this earth. got made dispensable…… so Anyways  he sent me something he said might be be incredibly valuable in 10 to 15 years.  He loved how my mind works and that he couldnt invest directly with me but wanted to help me .. I was looking for about 500000 in seed capatail and Posiden sent me 10000 Bitcoin and said was worth about 5 bucks  almost worthless but that ewas the best he could do.., but i thanked him.  I never even opend the file i just saved the blockchain to my laptop…Feeling like another charity case   Shit no one will invest in my technology…     It wasent long after Posiden sent me the BITCOINS that I got robbed at GUn poit by two strange individuals… I was sitting outside with my lap top and phone.. These two men a white guy and a black guy walked by me, stopped infront of me nelt down, the black guy put a 45 Magnium to my face. The white guy said were talking this as he pulls my laptop from me and he said were taking this and grabbed my phone.. White guy  told me to stand up and the began esscorting me to Luckily new silver mercury  town car. I thought this is some kind of shady government fake government car…..These guys are gonna take me somwhere and fucking kill me…  Luockly I thought fast and told them that if they just look up they will see they are on video camera and that my roomate had proably already callied the police…. So that was my introduction to BITCOIN.


..Yeah I was pretty naive at the time and also really pissed off.  I was completely broke and working the hardest job my entire life and receiving the least amount of money for it.  Yes! moving furniture for a friend’s  moving company and  the night Barack Obama was elected .  My friend’s company was an official transporter of voting machines we basically on that day where dropping off voting machines into voting places and then picking up the voting machines at the end of the day and returning them so they could all be counted .   When he went to Jack In The Box to get lunch I realized that the voting machines were just sitting in the back of her big ass truck no security no nothing. And I thought and these people don’t even know my background I have access to all these voting machines and there’s no freaking security. And I thought how did the smartest people in the f****** world get away with s*** like this. Then I thought oh God you could just control in election if you add negative numbers to the total sum that way the output equal a number that’s not controversial.  Anyways  all of Oakland was cheering Obama it was the strangest Joy. People chanting Obama our savior save you know it’s just like oh my God he’s going to save the world. And I kind of believed it to at the beginning I was like this guy is a f****** bad-ass!!! But. I fear they’re going to kill him.  Then I thought well he’s such a badass how come he is still f****** Alive?. Then I realized he f****** works for private Banks. That son of a b****. Holyshit we all got fooled again. Then it got me thinking why do we even vote when they manipulate the vote and there’s no way to determine reality. Because reality gets determined by money. And the’s f****** parasites control its issuance so what does it matter the words that fall out of my mouth they could Define my bondage and painted in such exactly symmetry it left me feeling like a f****** slave and the labor of my day was taken from me me without my consent. I was f****** pissed. This is my life no one will die for me! . Nobody f****** owns me! My will is absolutely Divine and given freelee by the creator of all. I will no longer subjugate myself to the humiliation and dependency that goes along with believing and s***that disempowers my soul.  They f****** robbing us they are robbing everyone and they do it because people believe in s*** they do not understand. But if they did understand they would not put up with this humiliation. It was then I made it a mission to tell everyone about the fact that human beings are the rightful issuers of currency and credit not private Banks.

And so really to understand Bitcoin you really have to value your life and come to grips with the fact that nobody owns you nobody is responsible for you.   And yet there it is  the mechanism of money enslaving the very soul of a man through his consent unwittingly going along with his destruction and all the time supporting the Beast that steals his very life.

Which Brings us right back to bitcoin and how the megalomaniac control freak parasitic don’t have one goddamn original thought they’re mind. And  enslave all of humanity > because they are lazy like a cheetahs fast.

The mechanism of human enslavement is directly related to the issuance of currency in credit. Because I threw inflation and deflation May the labor of your day not be your own. This is my prediction Bitcoin will be World Reserve currency. It will Usher in an age of technological advancement undreamt of in the mind of man. The parasites that sit on top of us and prevent us from the gifts of Heaven will no longer have any Dominion in the choices my will makes. You see the blockchain provides transparent observation of the total amount of currency that is being used there for it provides a measure by which to see how much is or is not there this provides a fixed measure and a stable economy by which capitalism can actually occur. This will create a world in which Humanity will decide as a group to go to war or not to go to war. Through unhackable communication for a call Humanity will see the reflection of itself unencumbered by the parasitic class attempts to covet your eyes and show you the world that never exist.

Bitcoin is the purest form of money because it is non-inflationary by virtue of the fact that the total amount in circulation is known and has a limit that can be independent penalty verify. By everyone this technology absolutely unequivocally scares the s*** out of the parasites because it Returns the power back to the people absolutely.

Which brings me to what we will eventually do in the future we will use blockchain to elect a world leader. Or maybe you won’t even elected leader maybe the blockchain will allow us to see our nature in such a way that the concept of a leader may not even be applicable. But what do I know I was telling people about Bitcoin when there’s $0.30 a Bitcoin. and what’s so funny is as Bitcoin takes off are societies around the world will turn to resource-based societies and the Love of Money actually won’t exist it will be replaced by the love of social acceptance through the stirred desire to be accepted by the group to Simply contribute the highest fruits of one’s potential to the group. I mean it’s communism in its purest form but communism it’s transparent isn’t Powers people it’s like communism is actually true capitalist but your capitalism is possible without the blockchain. Bitcoin will be World Reserve currency.